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Company Profile

The enduring image of pillars in the Trilogy logo symbolizes the strength of “three” generations raised by tradition. Simple traditions born in caring for family, hard work, service and the delight in sharing these values with the next generation.

Trilogy was “born” from humble beginnings. Dr. Dennis Marks, Trilogy’s chairman, began honing his business and service skills at an early age. The son of immigrants, Marks worked in his “Mom and Pop’s” depression era coffee shop, just below their home in New York City. While holding down additional jobs, including “making and selling sandwiches to fellow students at college football games,” Marks completed his studies at Columbia University at the age of eighteen and NYU Medical School at twenty-two.

A prominent Sacramento pediatrician, Marks never lost his childhood passion for the business world. Between thoughtfully treating patients, helping raise a family and caring for the disenfranchised, Marks pursued his childhood passion by investing in “value-add” real estate, adding “honorable businessman” to his already distinguished resume.

Leading by example… These are the traditions that have guided the Marks family and serve as the foundation for Trilogy. In business as in life, the goal is the same… Always strive to “do the right thing.” Generations have come before and others will follow, but as long as Trilogy Investment Group is operational, the expressed traditions shall remain.